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The Wine Spies Say:

    Today’ selection is a very rare wine of extremely limited quantity. Please act fast if you are a fan of great Italian wines.


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Mission Codename: The Rarest of the Romans

Operative: Agent White

Objective: Visit the historic Boca DOC in Italy’s Piedmont and secure an exclusive allocation of wine from this very special region.

Mission Status: Accomplished!

Current Winery: Cantine del Castello di Conti

Wine Subject: 2004 Boca DOC Nebbiolo Blend

Winemakers: Paola, Anna and Elena Conti

Backgrounder: The wines of Boca DOC, located in the Novara Hills (just north of Gattinara) of the Piedmont, are predominantly Nebbiolo based with the addition of Vespolina and sometimes Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese). The region located to the north and west of Milan and just across the river from Gattinara. In addition to Nebbiolo, the local grapes of Vespolina and Bonarda may be used in the wines.

Today’s wine is 70% of Nebbiolo, 25% of Vespolina, 5% of Uva Rara and was aged for 36 months in oak and then an additional aging in the bottle. Organic ad Bio-Dynamically produced.
Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

Look – Brilliantly clear ruby red in its core with a touch of purple to add density. Along the edges this wine’s patina lightens slightly and includes hints of brick and orange. When swirled, fast thin legs quickly ring the glass and are followed by slow and tightly spaced tears that descend at varying speeds.

Smell – Spiced and herbal red fruit leads the way with bright notes of red cherry and zesty black licorice. Hints of violets mature toasted oak and earthy undertones adds depth and complexity.

Feel – Bright and spicy on the initial attack, this warm medium-to-full bodied dry wine has highly textured firm but finely grained tannins that quickly coat the palate. Vibrant acidity and characteristic etch minerality holds on to the red fruit tightly as the other complex flavors linger.

Taste – Sweet and ripe red fruit including red cherry, tart raspberry and other ripe and tart berries blend with a touch of citrus. Spice and a touch of pepper, black licorice and green herbs follow in succession and are supported by a zesty mineral and tar component, floral violets and toasted oak.

Finish – Extremely long and warm with the textured tannins, acidity and minerality lasting and lasting as hints of the red fruit and other complex flavors slowly fade.

Conclusion – The 2004 Conti Boca DOC Nebbiolo Blend is quite a remarkable wine with all the character you’d expect from Nebbiolo in its adolescence but the addition of Vespolina and Bonarda Novarese providing notes of sweetness and warmth that balances the fantastic etched mouth feel. Even at eight years old, this wine is youthful and will cellar for ten to fifteen years, so if enjoying this wine now, be sure to let it open up or decant it. Pair with classic Piedmontese cuisine, creamy risottos and anything with truffles.

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